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How to Train the dog in Dog Fences

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It will take time for your dog to familiarize the proper behavior inside the invisible fence wire. At the beginning the dog will adjust but as time goes on, your dog will know the right way and rules. Be considerate and learn how to wait for the right time. Consider and have enough time in training your dog.

There are steps designed for you on how to train your dog when using the electric dog fence wire.

  1. First, make your own schedule. Proper practice makes perfect. This can be achieved through giving time for your dog to know the right things and the proper behavior to be possessed. Make sure to teach your dog every time so that learning will take place as soon as possible.
  2. Secondly, teach your dog with the limitations or boundary of your area. This is very important so that dog will be aware of the locations. Every time you train your dog, check if there is learning and if your dog does not get the right thing, try to teach the dog again the other day.
  3. Let the dog follow you at the boundary of the invisible dog fence and make sure you are not walking at the wrong place, in that way, your dog will be trained to stay inside the allotted place only.
  4. If the right time comes that your dog is now avoiding the boundary of the wireless pet fence, it is now time to test your dog by giving distractions. Try to put anything that will distract the dog to go over the boundary. This will enable the dog to either to resist or not. In that way, it will serve as the warning to the dog that if it goes beyond the boundary, there is accompanied punishment.
  5. After proving that your dog learns to resist in distractions, it is now time not to watch or manage the dog by yourself. Let the dog learn by itself. In that way, the dog will be trained and learn even without your supervision
  6. Provide incentives and reward for your dog if it did the right thing. This is encouragement for the dog to do what is good.

The listed steps are useful for it provides you knowledge on how to train your dog and arrive with the desired outcome. Underground diy dog fence is better than keeping your dog inside the dog house or tying the dog. Also, it is more safe and gentle.